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The sound box: heart of the Losonnante

An independent box

All the technology is concentrated in this box. Our team, comprising a designer, an engineer and an acoustician, worked to optimise sound quality and minimize airborne vibrations.

Scenographic freedom

The box can be integrated into furniture or a custom-made object with an invisible fixing system. This makes it possible to decline the proposals according to the content and the place in order to create a real immersive experience.

Robust and waterproof

The device has a Corian facade. It is a solid, hygienic and impact-resistant material. The box, made in France, is waterproof with an electrical connection to IP65 standards.







Elbows’ detection triggers playback. If you raise your elbows, the sound
pauses for 15 seconds. Beyond this allotted time, playback resumes from the start. The system includes two modes: single-track and multi-track.

Indoor furniture

Standing or seated position with disabled access. Fixation directly on the ground or on a base. Plugged into the mains. Ergonomic optimisation with an angle allowing to look up.

An elegant and solid wood finish with essence of your choice.


Outdoor furniture

3mm steel furniture, anti-corrosion paint, anti-theft screws.

A closed hatch, located under the terminal, allows to access the device if necessary.

4 fixing points allow you to screw the furniture in the ground. The electrical connection can be made invisible by going through the legs of the furniture.

The Losonnante range

Integratable box

Waterproof bone conduction listening device with Corian® front panel, touch interface and LED display. The device must be integrated into a support approximately 80 cm or 110 cm high.

Indoor Losonnante

Furniture in molded wood with choice of species and different types of finishes (varnished, oiled, raw). Height of 83.5 cm (sitting) or 113.5 cm (standing). Bone conduction listening device is included.

Outdoor extérieur

Furniture in folded sheet metal with choice of color and different types of finishes (paint, rusty, raw). Custom laser cutting possible. Height of 83.5 cm (sitting) or 113.5 cm (standing). Bone conduction listening device is included.


Base of 37 kg for the high version (standing) and 42 kg for the low version (seated) allowing the stability of the Losonnante when it is not fixed to the ground.